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Anonymous: A little baby elephant stumbles into your askbox, holding a small letter in his mouth. He hands the note to you, "I love you. You are a wonderful, lovely person." Pass it on to the first ten people on your dash anonymously.


Anonymous: It seems like you and your girlfriend have amazing sex. I'm jealous!


Anonymous: what is going to be your job at the mental places?

well, that’s me looking into the future- i don’t know the types of jobs that will be available by the time i am eligible which is around this time next year. from what i can see, the jobs that i would want to get/could get would be a counselor at a mental facility so things like facilitating group therapy, documenting treatment plans, help monitor patients, etc., etc.,


Anonymous: if the superior court passes the gay marriage as a legal marriage in califorina will you get married to your current gf

imageslow down there turbo

Anonymous: How old are you?

it’s in my sidebar. i’m 20. 

Anonymous: you are so beautiful. i wish i was a female and was a lesbian so i could have a chance with you?


thank you, i’m flattered, but i’m not really available atm anyway so no need to wish that anyhow. ;P


Anonymous: how many followers do you have? c: just curious


Anonymous: Hi. So. You're a great person. You are loved.

thank you, you’re sweet.


nickivvinaj: You're super adorable ! I just had to tell you and I love your unique make up style.


thank you, doll. ♡


ishakethedust: I grew up Mormon as well, and I know the feeling exactly!!

it’s so funny hahaha. I was talking to one of my professor’s and some girls in lab today and they were all so surprised, and then my professor decided to pass me off as a bad Mormon and it just makes me laugh. 

Anonymous: I want to go to Australia and I reckon that you have been. Can you give any tip/advice and also what/how it was like visiting Oz?

I have been there twice! It’s my favourite place. :) Advice would be to definitely be a tourist. Haha. Honestly, just doing the typical tourist stuff is great. There’s a lot to do! I suggest Melbourne, Sydney, & Cairns. Going to Canberra might be interesting because it’s the capital, but I haven’t heard a lot of brilliant things about it so maybe just a day trip or something. Haha.

I really want to visit Brisbane since that looks nice too. Also, going during a good season is a good idea. I went during their winter both times because of my availability, and don’t get me wrong, it’s still amazing but snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef in the middle of winter is CHILLY. There’s a lot of amazing tours that you can do in all three cities- the tour guides are really nice. 

Bit of a general answer, but feel free to ask me anything else! :)


Anonymous: are you okay? how'd you get that bruise?

I am okay! I had some nerve damage surgery and that was the leftover from the tourniquet apparently. haha. thank you for asking! :)


Anonymous: Why are you so sad?

because i’m a massive asshole.image

Anonymous: Is Marlene okay? I am worried about her

I feel like anonymously coming to me isn’t the best way to go about this…

eerieinmurderland-deactivated20: I am so absolutely sorry I missed your birthday, but Happy Belated Birthday, sweetheart! I also wanted to let you know that I have fallen in love with your blog. You post so many things that I enjoy aesthetically or otherwise! Thanks for being you!

This was so sweet! Thank you so much, doll.