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In light of the political air of tonight…

I would like to extend this petition out to my followers. 

Currently, the California State University system I’m a part of is being bombarded by unnecessary  tax increases. There are three that are currently being proposed-

1. If a student needs to retake a class for any reason (e.g, a higher grade needed for their major, unable to pass the class…), they want to charge $100 PER UNIT (classes are on average, three units per).

2. For students who have taken over 150 units, they will charge $372 PER UNIT for EVERY class they take until they graduate.


3. If students are taking more than 16 units per semester, they want to charge $200 PER UNIT for every class.


The Board of Trustees meets in November. If we can get enough signatures and attention to this petition, we may be able to get somewhere. 

No matter where you live, whether it be in the state of California, in other states, or even other countries, your signature is appreciated. 

Thank you so much for your time & your signatures.

All my love,


Posted on 16 October